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Why Root of Generations (ROG)?

Gender issues permeate all aspects of South Sudan’s development. This includes low female literacy, inadequate health services that have resulted in some of the world’s worst health indicators, scant representation of women in the economy, governance, and decision-making mechanisms, and harmful traditional practices, such as early marriage and customs that violate universal human rights.


By putting a woman’s and a child’s image in the center of RoG’s logo, and naming our organization as Root of Generation, we at organization recognizes the importance of a woman and sets strategies to explain that a woman is a root of a society, a pillar in which a society cannot stand without.
A root (which symbolizes a woman and a girl) that requires to be watered and nurtured in order to have better fruits; which is a quality generation of tomorrow. A tree without root cannot blossom. A society where the role and dignity of a woman and a girl is challenged, cannot achieve a development.
We support advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality, and supports women’s groups to promote peace and reconciliation throughout South Sudan, empowering women through inclusive and participatory processes, environmental justice, and supporting trauma awareness mechanisms that are helping survivors discuss, overcome the impacts of trauma and break cycles of violence.
ROG approach in addressing societal issues is looking at household as a unit that comprises of 3 persons; a woman, a man and a child. In the efforts to empowerment, ROG targets the 3 individuals for a better generation as illustrated.

About Root of Generation’s logo:


Green represents prosperity.
Blue represents the sky which is our destiny.

Structure of drawing:

A woman holding a child at the center
A root is her legs
Above is a tree bearing fruits which represents generations.

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Root of Generations Key areas of intervention

Responding to emergencies and building resilience

Community based mental health therapy, counseling and referrals

Mobilizing diverse stakeholders and promoting peaceful community coexistence, social and community cohesion.

Gender equality and women’s economic justice

Environmental protection and adaptation building for economic resilience and prevention of climate-induced forced displacement

Promoting and enhancing effective, gender responsive, gender transformative, democratic and inclusive governance

Promoting inclusive and sustainable growth

Advocacy and research


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