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What RoG Does?

1) Crisis response
2) Disaster risk reduction and management
3) Climate justice
4) Gender equality
5) Right to health, including MHPSS and SRHR
6) Youth’s economic rights
7) Right to food, water and nutrition
8) Women’s economic justice
9) Participation and protection from sexual and gender based violence
10) Women, Peace and Security 1325
11) Youth, Peace and Security 2419
12) Inclusive, quality formal and informal education, including TVET
13) Advocacy and campaigns
14) Media advocacy and communications
15) Community Education
16) Governance an Human Rights
17) Networking

Our Impact

Each year, as of 2018 to date, Root of Generation collects, processes, analyses and reports program data from our field offices across South Sudan.

Monitoring data from our projects in our areas of coverage is fundamental to ensure the work we conduct with our project staffs is having effective results. This data is reported in our Annual Results Reports to keep our strict commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity in all we do.

Root of Generation (RoG) monitors and reports two main sources of data:
Women, men, girls, and boys who are directly or indirectly involved in activities implemented by Root of Generation (RoG) and receiving support, services, goods, resources or directly engaged in actions toward good change through achievement of projects’ goals and objectives.
Long-lasting improvements in people’s lives resulting from changes in situations or program outcomes. This can include changes in people’s economic situation, access to health or other programmatic intervention / services, and/or a greater sense of human capital, improved capacity and ability t for positive transformation. Root of Generation is one of the few NNGOs that monitors long-term impact of its nexus of projects.
More details:
You may contact Root of Generation’s Executive Director and /or Operations Manager for Annual Results Reports of Root of Generation NNGO.

Program Components

Women empowerment

GBV prevention and response
Women peace and security

Youth and Child Development

Youth Empowerment
Participation and inclusion

Human Rights and Advocacy

Civic education
Peace and governance
Awareness and sensitization
Legal and constitutional frame work


Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
Public health (awareness and prevention)
Maternal and neonatal health

Environmental Justice

Climate Change
Disaster Risks Reduction


Hygiene Compaign
Access to Clean Water
Awareness and sensitization

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